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Our Story

Since opening our doors in 2016, Texas Metropolitan Ballet has seen its students grow tremendously in their abilities and confidence.  Originally founded in 2015 as Austin Metropolitan Ballet, the dream of Texas Metropolitan Ballet grew from director Randall Marks' passion and desire to teach quality classical ballet to dedicated students in a professional setting and to give them the opportunity to perform on a frequent basis.   TMB's inaugural year began with a summer intensive and summer academy classes, generating high praise for the quality of training offered to the community.  After an incredibly successful first season, TMB's following seasons raised the standards even higher with students consistently accepted at many of the top level schools across the country.  Texas Metropolitan Ballet welcomes you to join us for a venture into excellence.

Our Teaching/Curriculum

Texas Metropolitan Ballet's academy studio of dance has a curriculum which has been carefully and thoughtfully gleaned from a heritage of some of the greatest teachers whose lineage can be traced to the finest masters of their time.  Using a blend of Vaganova, Bournonville, and French methods, TMB's students gain a balance in the flair of virtuoso technique and true expressive dancing.  Incorporating many combinations of weight changes in barre and center exercises, students strengthen their core balance and progress more quickly in their technical skills.  With a strong emphasis on performance quality throughout the classes, dancers break down the methods for many facets that take the dancer from the classroom to the stage. Through innovative teaching methods that give clear understanding of the technique, TMB brings a quality of freshness to the classes while preserving the essential elements of ballet.  Focusing on the individual dancer, Texas Metropolitan Ballet draws out the best methods for that student to work within the given movement, rather than sacrificing the student for the technique. TMB offers a comprehensive curriculum for levels ranging from Primary-Ballet (Pre-Ballet) to Adult. At each level, students are required to attend a set number of classes per week in order to maintain technical proficiency and to be able to advance through the rigorous program.  This is especially important for those on pointe or looking to advance to pointe work and for students wishing to participate in our performances.

Parents and students should not anticipate annual level advancements. Junior and Upper Division ballet classes do not progress at the same pace as traditional academic grades. It is common for students to repeat levels of study. Because the range of the criteria for promotion is so diverse, two or more years may be required before a student is ready for advancement to the next level of study.  Rather than basing advancement on age, students are assessed by abilities including strength, maturity, artistic and technical mastery.  Advancement to the next level may occur anytime during the semester but generally takes place at the end of each school year. Students taking pointe work classes must be attending at least 3 technique classes per week to be considered for pointe work.
Texas Metropolitan Ballet Director Randall Marks
Texas Metropolitan Ballet Assistant Director Jeanne Marie Marks
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Our Story
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