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From Old World to New...

TMB's Spring Gala Production will transport you across the realms to our condensed one-hour version of Sleeping Beauty. The classic story of a young princess, cursed as a baby, who pricks her finger on a spinning needle and falls asleep for a hundred years to be awakened by the kiss of a handsome prince.

The second half of the production is devoted to classical, neo-classical, contemporary mix of other dances.

Join us in this presentation that brings the entire academy to the stage as they perform famous choreography from the classic tale of Sleeping Beauty encapsulated in a single act followed by original choreography full of fun and passion from director Randall Marks.

May   9, 2024  7:30pm
May 10, 2024  2:30pm
May 11, 2024  2:30pm

Central Texas Theatre

3401 South W S Young Drive ,  Killeen, TX  76542


Adult  -   $23

Children/Students    -  $15


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