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Stephanie Valle Cruz
Guest Instructor - Modern

Stephanie is a choreographer, teacher, dancer, artist born and raised in Puerto Rico. At a young age she was invested in her culture and folkloric roots, dancing bomba and plena. She continued training in various dance forms and participated in diverse events around the island. Her first solo project was "Transformacion" which sold out on the island. She possesses her Bachelor's Degree in Dance Studies from Texas Woman's University, and currently pursuing her MFA at Sam Houston State University in Texas. Stephanie has been able to perform with the Jordan Fuch's Company, International Dance Company, imPULSE Dance Project, Vive Les Arts and Waco Civic Theater. She has performed for choreographers like Jalila Bell from NYC, and in different independent and self created works around Texas and Puerto Rico.

"I believe art helps to understand lived experiences; through my own lived experiences, I have created works that have a historical context, and while others don’t, even within them, I create ways in which I can still celebrate who I am, who the dancers are. Using manipulation to shape movements, I can still relate concepts and ideas to my own artistic voice. I work in a way that I can an open and safe space for collaboration, exploration and discovery for innate movement and the performer’s true self to emerge. I allow curiosity to take the space rooted by our historied bodies."

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