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Homeschool & Pre-Professional Ballet

For Dancers Ages 9 and up
TMB offers a premiere select homeschool program with outstanding, pre-professional training and experience for morning and early afternoon classes to dedicated students from a variety of educational backgrounds in an elite and professional environment.  Open to homeschoolers, private schoolers and early release students. This program is geared to help the dancer excel in ballet.
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Beginning-Intermediate Homeschool Ballet
Ages 9 +
REQUIRED: At least one year prior training
                 Beg. Level: Beg-Int Ballet one time per week
                                 Ballet 1 one time per week
                  Int. Level: Beg-Int Ballet one time per week
                                Ballet 2 one or two times per week
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Students are encouraged to take in conjunction with regular academy classes, especially if they are wishing to perform in the Nutcracker or Spring Gala.
Students in this levels will focus on strengthening the fundamental techniques and movements. allowing them to progress more rapidly. Smaller class size ensures more focused attention from the teacher for each student.
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Beg/Int Homeschool Ballet
Advanced Pre-Professional Program
Placement and Advancement at discretion of director
REQUIRED: At least 3 years prior training
                Ballet 3 Level:  Adv Pre-Pro  once per week
                                     Ballet 3/4   twice per week
                                     Pointe 3/4   once per week
 Pre-Pro  twice per week                                                   Ballet 3/4   once per week                                                     Pointe 3/4   once per week
 Strongly Recommended: Stretch & Strength

               Ballet 4 Level:  Adv Pre-Pro  twice per week
                                    Ballet 3/4   twice per week
                                    Pointe 3/4  twice per week
                                    Variations at least once per week
Recommended: Stretch & Strength
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Acceptance to the class will be determined by the director. This program is geared to help the dancer excel in ballet and is designed for those who show a proficient technical level and determined attitude.  Entry to this program is by invitation after students are evaluated by the director.  New students will be required to audition in person or by submitting a video.  A smaller class will help to insure personal attention for each dancer.  
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Advance Pre-Professional Ballet
Private Coaching & Lessons
Private lessons and coaching is available to students who wish to intensify their training. Private Lessons give children and adults the unique opportunity to work one-on-one with the instructor.  While beneficial, they are not required in order for a student to advance or to perform solo or lead roles.  Private lessons are ideal for dancers that want to improve their technique or need specific coaching on technique, choreography or audition preparation.  Teachers accept students according to their own schedules and studio availability.  Students interested in scheduling coaching sessions or private lessons should speak directly with their teacher for arrangements as well as receiving approval from the director.  Fees are determined by the teacher with an added studio usage fee.  Private lessons or coaching sessions may not take the place of required academy classes.
Coaching & Private Lessons
Register, Etc.
Placement and Advancement at discretion of director
Placement assessment required for new students with prior training. Please call or email for additional information or to schedule an appointment. 

REQUIRED: Must attend required classes stated above
Designed to enrich the pre-professional dancer, educating them in the various dances from classical & contemporary ballets.  Students will learn multiple dances though the year studying the stylistic differences and qualities in the choreography.  Students could use this as an opportunity to work on variations for upcoming ballet competitions.
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Dress Code (Ladies)
Leotard – Color appropriate for current class level
Tights – Pink
Shoes – Pink ballet shoes in canvas or appropriately fitting pointe shoes
Hair must be secured away from the face and neck, preferably in a bun.
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