Fall/Spring Teen/Adult Ballet

16yrs and Up
From beginning to advanced, teens and adults can pursue the art of ballet training at their own pace without the requirements of the Junior & Upper Divisions.  Benefits of ballet include improving posture, poise, toning and sculpting long lean muscles, stress reduction, flexibility, balance, strength and overall fitness. Now is a great time to challenge your body and mind using the technique and strengthening exercises joined with the artistry of ballet.  Our classes are perfect for the beginner or the experienced.  It's never too late!!
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Adult/Teen Ballet
16yrs and Up
No prior training necessary.  Whether you are just starting out, diligently continuing with classes or you're looking to return after time off, you'll find this class a stress free way to find your feet.  Students will learn the elemental foundations of ballet with a focus on elementary technique, simple combinations, and understanding terminology and self-confidence. 

Dancers with more experience may wish to challenge themselves with regular academy classes.  If this is the case, please speak with the director to find out what would best suit your needs.
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Class times available
Wednesday  7:00 - 8:15
Attire (Ladies & Gentlemen)
Leotard  and tights or form fitting leggings (or shorts for men) and top (not too baggy).  Close fitting warm up are OK.  Clothes she be easy to move in.  Minimal jewelry is recommended.

Shoes – Ballet shoes in canvas

Hair should be secured away from the face and neck
​No registration fee. Students can pay a drop in fee or buy class card for maximum flexibility. Tuition varies by number of class hours taken
Drop In Rate   =  $20
4 Class Card  =  $64
8 Class Card  =  $112
10 Class Card = $120
14 Class Card = $140

Cards are good for 2 months from time of purchase.
Modern, Jazz, Character, International Dance Styles
Open to students starting in Ballet 2 level and above
At least 2 year prior training in dance.  Adult 2 level students and above are welcome to attend this class.

The study of other dance forms can help to provide a more rounded education and aid in understanding movement. Students are encouraged to add to their training with other dance genres. This provides a well-rounded dance education and a progressive knowledge of additional dance styles.
Class times available
Not available at this time
Uniform (Ladies & Gentlemen)
Leotard – Class Level color
Tights/Pants – Solid colored tights or solid black dance pants.
Shoes – Ballet shoes in canvas, or jazz shoes for Jazz. Barefoot, socks or other covering for the ball of foot may be worn for Modern.  Character Shoes for Character

Hair must be secured away from the face and neck, preferably.
Stretch & Strength
Class is 1 hour in length
Open to students starting in Ballet 2 level and above

Improving proper posture, increasing flexibility and range of motion, strengthening the muscles and increasing the core body strength essential for a dancer. Stretching helps to keep muscles supple, increases range of motion and helps to prevent injury. Classes are designed with the student dancer in mind.
Class times available
Saturday      11:30 - 12:00 
Uniform (Ladies & Gentlemen)
Students should wear comfortable clothing designed to move freely in. Please, no revealing clothing.
Hair should be secured back in order to allow for freer movement.